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It's all about the feeling

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Hi I'm Moana and I like to tell love stories.

What inspires me is to always be moving. Discovering new places, connecting with people and cultures, and expanding my horizons is what makes my creativity flow.


My purpose is to tell stories through photographs, and to create deeper connections with each person, place and object clicked through my lenses.

I love to photograph people and you'll find that my working style is calm, relaxed and most importantly fun! 

I’ve been a photographer for 5 years and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I just love capturing all the joy and wonderful moments for my beautiful families. Nothing is more valuable than that.


I truly believe in the power of encounter and that everything in the universe works through dynamic exchange. I believe that art can (and will) change the world. Therefore, what I look for with each click, is to capture love and poetry, and I hope you can feel it too.  


Candid and natural shots that capture you authentically.

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"No words can describe the beauty of Moana's work. Beyond images, Moana was able to capture the deepest feeling I have ever felt, the love for my baby. The photos speak by themselves, she captured that spark in my eyes and a subtle expression of happiness and fulfilment. I am so glad I'll have them forever in my life."

Camila Karam

—  Name, Title

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